Introducing an evolutionary way to send fur flying with a .22 cal pellet gun that thinks it's a bow.  Or is it the other way around?  Whatever the answer, there's no question that you'll be amazed with the pellet Airow Gun.  With an eight round rotating magazine and a projectile speed of 500+ fps* you don't have to worry about too many varmints jumping the string or scurrying off while you reload.

Perfect for year round plinking to help fine tune your shooting skills and curb the long term effects of cabin fever.  Attach the pellet Airow Gun to make your bow the most unique pellet thrusting machine in the woods.

* Speeds measured when combined with the Diamond Edge compound bow set at 50# and 28" draw

  •  Save money by shooting pellets at pennies each rather than risk breaking or losing expensive arrows
  •  Maintain your shooting muscle memory throughout the off-season