This unique and innovative evolution in the paintball industry will capture your attention... because it will help you capture the flag!  The Airow Gun is available in both .68 and .50 calibers and is the perfect addition to any scenario player's collection and provides a great way for bowhunters and target/3D shooters to add a new level of recreation to their burning passion for archery.

With the Airow Gun and it's air push physics you can achieve or exceed paintball gun accuracy with every ultra-quiet release of the string, and you'll never have to worry about CO2 or compressed air!  An air pressure control knob makes for easy adjustment of speeds from 240-280 fps* so you can choose just how big a welt to leave your opponent with.  The Airow Gun includes a 10 round feeding tube, but can be equipped with any high capacity hopper.  The Airow Gun also outranges most other markers by nearly 30 feet!
* Speeds measured when combined with the Diamond Edge compound bow set at 50# and 28" draw

  •  "The Airow Gun is just about the most perfect training tool for a player looking to expand their game." - Dave Rotunda, Paintball Sports Magazine
  •  Given a four star rating by Jungle Magazine's review staff